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Expertise and consulting


At Central Laboratory of Batteries and Cells, division of the Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals, we carry on expertises and analyses of construction and technology of batteries and cells as well as their elements as:  

  • negative and positive electrodes
  • cast-on-strap (COS) connectors and TTP connectors,
  • separators
  • electrolyte.

The specialysts give professional opinions on

  • materials used in
    • lithium, alkaline and lead-acid systems,
    • electric capacitors,
    • reserve batteries,
  • commercially available:
    • lithium, alkaline and lead-acid cells,
    • electric capacitors and 
    • reserve batteries

Moreover, IMN CLAiO offers:

  • exploitation analyses of primary and secondary batteries;
  • analyses of applied parameters of primary and secondary batteries;
  • assessment of operation worthiness of primary and reserve batteries;
  • development of prototypes and thermal battery models (singular items and batches);
  • developement of construction and technology premisses for energy storage manufacturing;
  • development and deployment of materials for energy storage manufacturing;
  • development of technical documentation for technological processes in the battery industry;
  • help in the field of choice and exploitation conditions of primaty and secondary batteries as well as in the deployment of new technologies in the battery manufacture processes.