Research activity
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Research domain:

CLAiO activities cover research and development works on chemical power sources, including design, construction and testing of new products and equipment for battery production. They also involve improvement of the production methods, supervision of project implementation at the customers site as well as test and small-scale production of power sources and battery manufacturing equipment.

Our research works are presently focused on the following subjects:

1) Advanced materials and technologies:

development of new highly efficient hydrogen sorbents and production methods of composite electrodes and electrocatalysts for fuel cells;
production of electrode materials for lithium-ion cells and supercapacitors;
production of new types of organic and polymer electrolytes for lithium-ion cells;
development of new materials for special purpose reserve batteries .

2) Replacement of Ni-Cd batteries with Ni-MH to eliminate cadmium from the environment.

3) Modernization and quality improvement of lead-acid batteries.

4) Regeneration and recycling of used batteries.

5) New electrochemical systems for various applications.