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Instytut Metali Nieżelaznych Oddział w Poznaniu Centralne Laboratorium Akumulatorów i Ogniw oranges-line
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Our activity


Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals Division in Poznań Central Laboratory of Batteries and Cells (IMN CLAiO) is a highly specialized organization with 70 years of experience in R&D and application works in the field of chemical power sources.   

IMN CLAiO's activity is mainly focused on:

  • lead-acid batteries,
  • lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries,
  • alkaline batteries,
  • special batteries,
  • fuel cells,
  • electrochemical condensators,
  • manufacture technologies,
  • new materials and new power sources.

Moreover, IMN CLAiO conducts research on environmental protection against harmful substances from waste chemical power sources.  

IMN CLAiO is the sole Polish manufacturer of alkaline batteries applied to aircraft and helicopters, special batteries and reserve batteries.  

The experienced and competent researchers from IMN CLAiO participate actively in research, scientific and R&D projects, both at national and international levels. IMN CLAiO proposes training and consulting services in the field of construction, operation and exploitation of power sources. IMN CLAiO helps to deploy new or modernized products along with the technology of their production. The company offers its know-how to develop technical documentation of technological processes in the industry of chemical power sources.  

Advanced equipment and specialized measuring apparatus combined with scientific knowledge of IMN CLAiO's experts allow to conduct physicochemical studies of materials and raw materials as well as electrochemical and electric studies of batteries and cells.

IMN CLAiO's Chemical Power Sources Testing Laboratory is accredited by Polish Centre of Accreditation and provides electrical, mechanical climatic and safety (exploitation and transport) tests of all types of batteries.